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About DEADBOLT Films

At DEADBOLT Films it is our goal to explore the many different facets of cult HORROR film making, be it with blood drenched stories of witchcraft or eldritch dread on a more cosmic scale.

Our team is dedicated to bringing to life genre stories that explore the weird and horrific.





The Podcast on Haunted Hill Podcast

DEADBOLT Films very own Gav, and his Co-Host Dan lend their unique perspective to horror films and the world surrounding them. With Gav's unique take as a filmmaker and Dan's peculiar perspectives, The Podcast on Haunted Hill offers a fresh view of horror cinema!


The High Strangeness Podcast

From Gav Chuckie Steel and Sarah King comes The High Strangeness Podcast, a show that brings you the weird, the wonderful and sometimes downright disturbing! Stories and true life craziness from the world we live in brought to your ear holes twice monthly.

HiStrange (2).jpg

Abyssal Albion 

ABYSSAL ALBION An upcoming eldritch horror inspired survival horror comic series set after the rise of the GREAT OLD ONES and the fall of humanity.

Taking place in a GREAT BRITAIN where both cosmic and folk terrors are a commonplace and chilling truth. Ravaged by death and madness, the story follows the journey of two siblings, SISTER and BROTHER, as they try to survive a world teeming with savage cults and sanity shattering beasts.


Written by DEADBOLT Films own creative producer, THOMAS J CAMPBELL (BEYOND, AND NOTHING HURT) and with artwork by accomplished artist WAYNE LOWDEN (SHARKS OF A TRAIN, NOCTURNE), lettering by KEN REYNOLDS (COGNITION, HERE AND THERE) and cover colours by SEAN CALLAHAN (AIKO, NOCTURNE).

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